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Canadian immigration from United Arab Emirates (Dubai) is made simple with our 3-step procedure.

Are you looking to escape the intolerable hot weather of the desert metropolis? Is your dream residency destination the Great White North? With multiple different immigration pathways to choose from and a streamlined immigration process, there are several ways you can immigrate to Canada from Dubai and live the more attainable Canadian dream.

Immigration laws vary from one country to the other. We’ve put together this helpful guide to help you move from Dubai to Canada.

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Why Should You Immigrate from Dubai to Canada?

Here are some reasons you should move to Canada from Dubai.

  • Fantastic Job Opportunities – Under Express Entry, Federal Skilled Workers, Canada accepts skilled workers across 347 eligible occupations in finance, retail, engineering, legal, agriculture, and many more sectors.
  • Free Healthcare – In Canada, taxpayer money supports the public healthcare system, and all Canadian citizens and permanent residents can access free basic healthcare services.
  • High Standard of Living – Canada performs well in many dimensions of well-being compared to other countries, including disposable income, employment, education, life expectancy, and general satisfaction with life.
  • Welcomes Immigrants – Canada has built a reputation for welcoming immigrants and valuing multiculturalism, with 20% of its population being foreign-born individuals. It is a melting pot of culture and religious beliefs.
  • Freedom to Start a Business – Whether you’re coming through the business immigration program or as a permanent resident, federal and provincial governments welcome immigrants starting their businesses. 

What Are the Requirements to Immigrate to Canada From UAE?

how to immigrate to Canada from UAE

The basic requirements to immigrate to Canada from Dubai include the following:

  • Minimum of 67 points to be eligible for Canada’s Express Entry program
  • Demonstrate sufficient command over either the English or French languages by taking approved language tests
  • At least two years of full-time work experience
  • Worked in any of these National Occupational Classification job groups:
    • Managerial jobs
    • Professional jobs
    • Technical jobs and skilled trade
  • Proof of funds
  • Health and character certificates
  • Educational credential assessment

6 Visa Programs to Immigrate From Dubai To Canada:

Here are the six options you can explore to immigrate to Canada from Dubai.

Federal Economic Class

Under Express Entry, Canada selects skilled federal workers based on their ability to become economically established in Canada. There are currently three programs under the Federal Economic Class, including Federal Skilled Worker, Federal Skilled Trades, and Canada Experience Class.

Provincial Economic Class

Provinces in Canada run their own immigration programs to help fill the local labor market shortage. You must meet the specific skillsets of the provincial immigration program you wish to apply to. 

Currently, Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, British Colombia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, Yukon, and Prince Edward Island offer provincial economic class immigration. 

Quebec Immigration Program

Quebec administers its own immigration program with distinct selection criteria, and the Quebec Immigration Program selects candidates they believe are most likely to settle in the province successfully.

Business Immigration

On the federal level, the Self Employed and Start-Up Visa programs allow successful individuals to immigrate to Canada from Dubai. The federal and provincial government welcomes business individuals and offers services to facilitate them in settling and starting a business in the country.

Temporary Resident First Program

Through this program, immigrants can come to Canada from Dubai as temporary residents with the opportunity to convert their status to permanent residents after three years in the country.

Family Class Sponsorship

Dubai citizens can immigrate to Canada from Dubai through the Family Class Sponsorship if they have a spouse or common-law partner in Canada.

Step-by-step to Apply for a Canada Permanent Residency Visa From Dubai in General Overview

Apply for a Canada permanent residency visa in three easy steps:

Eligibility Assessment

Register with the Canadian Visa Expert to know whether you’re eligible for Canadian immigration programs.

Complete the online eligibility application and submit the eligibility application for assessment.

Your results will help determine your best visa option.

Application Preparation

The second steps involve preparing your documentation for your application.

Candidates eligible for Canadian immigration must gather their educational documents and apply for Educational Credential Assessment (ECA).

You will receive guidance on taking an approved English language test, either CELPIP (general test) or IELTS (general training), or the French language examination.

After evaluating your documents, you will receive guidance on whether you’re eligible for the next and final step.

Application Submission

The final steps include signing a retainer with an immigration consultant who will file your Express Entry profile. 

Your Express Entry score will determine whether you receive an invitation. The higher the score, the better the chances of immigration. 

After you receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA), your immigration consultant will guide you on the visa fees and submit the required documents within 60 days. Typically, a decision on your visa application can take up to six months.

Dubai to Canada Immigration: How Much Does It Cost?

The following is the breakdown of economic immigration (including Express Entry) costs for your Dubai to Canada immigration:

  • Visa Processing Fee
    • Primary Applicant: 850 CAD/2,263 AED*
    • Spouse or Partner Applicant: 850 CAD/2,263 AED*
  • Right of Permanent Residence Fees
    • Primary Applicant: 515 CAD/1,371 AED*
    • Spouse or Partner Applicant: 515 CAD/1,371 AED*
    • Dependent Child: 230 CAD/612 AED* per child
  • Canadian Permanent Residence Card: 50 CAD/133 AED* per applicant

*Exchange rate as of October 12, 2022

Please note that the government fees are as of October 2022 and are subject to change by the Government of Canada. 

Besides processing fees for eligible candidates wishing to apply for Dubai to Canada immigration, there are other non-governmental expenses, such as:

  • ECA fees
  • Medical fee (varies from one medical provider to the other)
  • Police certificates
  • Document translation fee if your original documents are not in English or French
  • Air tickets to Canada 
  • Living expenses  

Applicants should expect to pay several thousand Canadian dollars for their Dubai to Canada immigration. Fortunately, these costs are typically spread across several stages.


After going through our “immigrate to Canada from Dubai” guide, you’ve already taken your first step to achieving the Canadian dream. The Canadian immigration process can seem challenging and complex, but with the help of immigration consultants at Canadian Visa Expert, you can receive proper guidance on your visa application and increase your chances of migrating to Canada.

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Discover Frequently Asked Questions from Our Support

Is a Job Required to Move to Canada from Dubai?

Some immigration pathways make it possible for eligible candidates to immigrate to Canada from Dubai without having a job offer or sponsorship. You can enter through those programs and look for a job in the country.

How to Immigrate to Canada from Dubai Through Marriage?

It is possible to immigrate to Canada from Dubai under Family Class or Spouse or Common-Law Partner in Canada Class. Your spouse or partner in Canada must be over 18, a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, and have the financial resources to support your stay in the country.

Is It Easy to Migrate to Canada from the UAE?

Canada requires immigrants to fill critical labor market gaps and ensure a growing economy. In 2023, the country expects to welcome 447,055 immigrants. Of course, there are challenges in every immigration program, but it is relatively easy to migrate to Canada from the UAE if you fulfill the eligibility requirements. 

Whom Can I Sponsor for Canada Immigration from the UAE?

You can sponsor your spouse, common-law partner, children, parents, and grandparents for Canadian immigration from the UAE. Under certain circumstances, you may be able to sponsor your siblings and even your relatives.

Is It Worth Moving to Canada from Dubai?

Moving to Canada from Dubai is perfect for those seeking great job opportunities and a higher standard of living. As a permanent resident in Canada, you have the right to universal healthcare, free education for your children, social benefits, freedom to start your business, a road to Canadian citizenship, and more.

How Much Does It Cost to Immigrate to Canada from UAE?

Eligible candidates can expect to pay several thousand dollars for the government and non-government expenses. 

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