Is It Worth It to Immigrate to Canada from Dubai?

Are you considering immigrating to Canada from Dubai? Discover the benefits and drawbacks of this life-changing decision

If you live in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), and are considering moving to Canada, but not sure if it is worth it, this article will, hopefully, shed some light on the best of Canada and help you make the right decision.

Canada has been the number one choice for many immigrants around the world as a relocation destination and it’s no wonder why.

Canada is a breathtaking, well-developed, modern, democratic, stable country, and its government deeply cares for the well-being of its citizens and other residents.

Emphasis is placed on education from an early age and it is available to everyone.

Universal healthcare is free, so that every Canadian citizen and permanent resident has access to it, regardless of earnings or any other factors.

Canadian workers earn good salaries, so that people can afford the basics for living happily, and moreover, have enough to enjoy leisure comfortably.

Canada is an immigrant-friendly country where there is equality, freedom and multiculturalism.

People feel safe living in Canada, which is one of the most peaceful countries and where the police are quick to respond if called.

Whilst Canada has indeed a lot to offer, the UAE, and especially Dubai, offers no less than that, so the choice is up to you, depending on what is important to you and your family.

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Why Immigrate to Canada from Dubai?

People often choose to emigrate from Dubai to Canada due to the country’s attractive socio-economic climate.

Canada has a thriving economy with the world’s 9th highest GDP, low unemployment and a major research and development sector, including information technology.

It offers high living standards with an extensive social safety net, as well as free healthcare and world-class education.

In addition, the nation is a multicultural and tolerant society that welcomes diversity, making it an attractive destination for many immigrants (over 400,000 new permanent residents each year!).

Canada also provides many economic opportunities not available in Dubai.

The country has access to cutting-edge technology, leading universities, world-renowned financial institutions, and a highly diversified industrial base.

Furthermore, its large immigrant population has access to tremendous Canadian job prospects across a wide range of professions.

Canada’s natural beauty makes it incredibly appealing for outdoor enthusiasts looking for a change of scenery; and its numerous national parks offer unparalleled outdoor adventures.

Finally, Canada is the second largest country in the world with plenty of room to expand its population and is situated in a safe region (i.e., it is bordered by the United States and three oceans); whereas the UAE is a small country located in a region known for its geopolitical tensions).

Is It Worth It to Immigrate to Canada from Dubai?

Let’s look deeper into what Canada can offer to someone from Dubai:

  • World-class education system

It all starts with the standards for education in Canada, which are very high and thus, the education received in Canada is globally recognized and valued. Canada’s higher education system is ranked 7th in the world.

  • Plenty of job opportunities
    • Medical Doctor
    • Dentist
    • Physician Assistant
    • Tax Preparer
    • Pharmacist
    • Emergency Dispatcher
    • Dental Hygienist
    • Healthcare Administrator
    • Insurance Broker
    • Librarian
    • Financial Analyst and Consultant
    • Sales Representative
    • Marketing Professional

The job market in Canada has regained its strength since Covid-19, and the growth is steady with plenty of job opportunities in various fields. There are many well-paying jobs in Canada that will allow you to lead a comfortable lifestyle. Here is a list of some of the high-paying jobs in Canada:

Fast-growing tech sector

The Canadian technology sector is rapidly expanding in nearly every region of the country. A recent report suggested that six provinces (Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, Manitoba and Nova Scotia) are home to some of the fastest growing tech hubs in Canada.

Alberta’s tech sector has seen immense growth due to its thriving energy industry and massive oil reserves. Edmonton is a hub for many startups and is one of the top cities in terms of venture capital investments. On top of this, many established companies like Telus, IBM and Microsoft have operations in the province.

Ontario is another key province where technology has taken off in recent years. Toronto is often referred to as Canada’s Silicon Valley and is home to numerous tech startups such as Shopify, Hootsuite and KIK Messenger. Ontario also houses some of North America’s most successful innovation hubs including Communitech, MaRS Discovery District and Tech Toronto which attracts numerous investors from around the world.

Quebec also has a booming tech sector with many notable companies located within its borders. Montréal is known for its vibrant startup scene with popular companies like Lightspeed POS emerging from it. In addition to this, the city recently opened an artificial intelligence (AI) research center known as Mila which brings together researchers from around the world to develop AI solutions for global problems.

  • Access to universal healthcare

All Canadian citizens and permanent residents are entitled to access universal health care coverage in Canada. This type of health care system is known as “Medicare” and it provides a wide range of medical services at no cost to the patient, such as doctor visits, hospital stays, diagnostic tests, prescriptions, eye exams and more. In addition, Medicare also covers some dental care for children and some home care services for seniors. The federal government funds this program through taxation, while provincial governments administer the program under their own guidelines and regulations.

Vast Number of Effective Immigration Plans

Canada offers a wide range of effective immigration plans, each designed to meet the unique needs of newcomers, such as the:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program allows skilled foreign workers with work experience in certain occupations to gain permanent residence status and eventually become Canadian citizens.
  • Provincial Nominee Program facilitates provincial economic growth by attracting prospective immigrants who can meet their local employment needs.
  • Canadian Experience Class helps foreign professionals with Canadian work experience to apply for permanent residency.
  • Family Sponsorship Program permits Canadian citizens and permanent residents to sponsor spouses, common-law partners, or other family members for permanent residency in Canada;
  • Start-up Visa Program enables foreign entrepreneurs with innovative business ideas to settle and establish their businesses in Canada.

High Living Standards

Canada is renowned for its high living standards, providing citizens with ample economic opportunities, a high quality of life, and a wide range of services.

The country boasts the world’s 10th highest per capita income and is home to some of the most advanced infrastructure, technology and healthcare systems.

Canadians enjoy access to a wide range of services such as education and health care that are funded by taxes or publicly provided social programs.

Additionally, Canada offers several financial benefits including retirement pensions and unemployment insurance.

Investing in Canadian Assets

Investing in Canadian assets can be a great way to diversify one’s portfolio and take advantage of the numerous opportunities that exist within Canada.

There are a variety of investment options available, including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and real estate.

Depending on an individual’s risk tolerance and financial goals, it may be wise to invest in a mix of asset classes.


If you have made up your mind about moving to Canada, let Canadian Visa Expert help you!

We will provide you with an evaluation of your profile and tell you exactly which Canadian immigration path is the most suitable for you.

And don’t worry; the move will not be in an instant. Immigration takes time, and you will have plenty of time to prepare.

However, determining the right visa type for you is a critical step, as it will set the process outline that you will need to follow when emigrating from Dubai to Canada.



Discover Frequently Asked Questions from Our Support

Is it good to leave Dubai and go to Canada?

Whether or not it is ‘good’ to leave Dubai and go to Canada depends largely on the individual circumstances of the person considering making the move. Depending on their reasons for wanting to relocate, such as career opportunities, lifestyle preferences or family commitments, there could be a variety of benefits for making the change. Canada has a strong economy and boasts excellent job prospects across a range of industries. It also offers an abundance of natural beauty and vibrant cultural scenes in its major cities.

How to move to Canada from Dubai?

Moving to Canada from Dubai can be a lengthy process and requires careful planning. Depending on your status in Dubai, you may need to apply for a temporary Canadian visa or work permit before making the move. Additionally, you will need to meet the requirements for immigrating to Canada such as English or French language proficiency and income level. In some instances, it would be wise to use professional help to set you on the right visa track to save you time and effort.

Is it easy to immigrate to Canada from the UAE?

Immigrating to Canada from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is possible, but it depends on meeting specific requirements. For instance, individuals who wish to move to Canada must first apply for a visa and obtain approval from Canadian immigration authorities. Additionally, depending on the type of visa sought and the individual’s specific circumstances, certain documents may need to be provided in order to demonstrate eligibility. Furthermore, applicants will likely have to show proof of adequate financial resources or that they have access to funds that can support them during their stay in Canada. Anyone considering moving to Canada permanently or temporarily should research all applicable regulations and requirements before beginning the immigration process or seek professional help from an immigration consultant or lawyer.


Canadian Visa Expert makes the process easy and affordable!


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