Where to Live in Canada

When an individual or a family immigrates to Canada, one of the most important steps is finding a nice place to live.

The Canadian publication Maclean’s, in collaboration with Environics Analytics, ranked 415 communities across Canada, based on their affordability, amenities, community, crime, health, Internet access, population growth, taxes, and weather.

In regards to Internet access, it should be noted that many people who work in Canada are working from home at least some of the time, so having dependable high-speed Internet is an important consideration.

Coming in 1st place as the best place to live in Canada was Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Halifax, which is located on the east coast of Nova Scotia, has a population of about 443,976 residents and its top three features are its Internet access, amenities and health.

Some of the top business sectors in Halifax include shipping and trade; banking; health care; education; professional services; and public administration.

Tied with Halifax for the #1 spot was Charlottetown, which is situated along the southern coast of Prince Edward Island and has a population of around 40,971.

Charlottetown received its highest ratings for its Internet access, amenities and population growth (many of the city’s new residents are immigrants).

The top employers in Charlottetown are in the public sector (municipal, provincial and federal governments), as well as the education, health care, technology and manufacturing sectors.

Fredericton, population 64,528, is found in southwestern New Brunswick, and was given 2nd place on Maclean’s ranking of the best places to live in Canada.

The top three features of Fredericton are its Internet access, amenities and the affordability of its housing.

Higher education and the provincial government employ the most people in Fredericton, but there is also a growing technology sector.

Third place went to St. Thomas, a community in southwestern Ontario with approximately 42,208 residents.

Some of the best things about St. Thomas are its Internet access, health and amenities.

Many people who live in the St. Thomas area work in the automotive industry.

Belleville, ranked the #4 best place to  live in Canada, is located on the shores of eastern Lake Ontario, about half way between Toronto and Ottawa in Ontario.

The population of Belleville is around 55,209 and the city’s top three features are its Internet access, health and amenities.

Manufacturing is the top business sector in Belleville and some of the major firms include Kellogg’s and Proctor & Gamble.

Edmonton is a major city in Canada (population 1,061,793) which is found in south-central Alberta, above Calgary, and rated as the #5 best city to live in Canada.

The top three features of Alberta’s provincial capital are its Internet access, amenities and health.

Edmonton’s economy is dominated by the oil and gas industry, however, many people are employed in the technology, financial services, and transportation and logistics sectors.

Other top cities in Canada include #6 Winnipeg (Manitoba); #7 Moncton (New Brunswick); #8 Cornwall (Ontario); #9 Brooks (Alberta); and #10 Toronto (Ontario).

You can view the full list of the 415 best places to live in Canada on the Maclean’s website and you can change the weighting of the factors that are most important to you in order to create your own personalized rankings. 

In order for you to live and work in one of the best communities in Canada, you will first need to be approved for Canadian permanent residency.

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DISCLAIMER: This guide is not and shall not be considered as professional or expert advice.

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