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A Gallup survey conducted in 145 countries during 2019 found that people who live in Canada are the most accepting of immigrants.

The Migrant Acceptance Index ranked Canada the #1 most immigrant-friendly country, ahead of #2 Iceland, #3 New Zealand, #4 Australia, #5 Sierra Leone, #6 the United States, #7 Burkina Faso, #8 Sweden, #9 Chad and #10 Ireland.

In order to determine which countries are the most accepting of immigrants, Gallup researchers asked survey participants three questions:

  1. Do you think it is good or bad that immigrants live in your country?
  2. Do you think it is good or bad if immigrants live in your neighborhood?
  3. Do you think it is good or bad for an immigrant to marry someone in your family?

An analysis of the survey results discovered that the overwhelming majority of people who live in Canada are very accepting of immigrants.

Welcome to Canada!

In response to the first question, 94% of the Canadian survey participants indicated they think it is good that immigrants are living in Canada.

Ninety-five percent of Canadian respondents said it would be good if immigrants were living in their neighborhood.

For the third question, 91% of the survey participants from Canada responded that they thought it would be good if an immigrant married a member of their family.

The Gallup surveys done in 2019 and 2016, along with different surveys conducted over the years, have shown that people living in Canada have consistently supported immigration to Canada and immigrants for the past several decades.

Canada’s government was the first in the world to establish an official policy in support of multiculturalism on October 8, 1971, which was further strengthened by the Canadian Multiculturalism Act of 1988.

Canadians also celebrate their diversity on Multiculturalism Day, which is held on the 27th of June each year.

A Pew Research Center survey performed during 2018 in the top 18 countries where 50% of the world’s immigrants live found that Canada had the largest percentage of its population (68 percent) that thinks immigrants are a strength for the country, more than Australia, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Japan, the United States, Germany, Mexico, Spain, France, Netherlands,  South Africa, Israel, Poland, Russia, Italy, Greece and Hungary.

After the Canadian immigration minister, Sean Fraser, announced in February 2022 the government’s plan to grant permanent residency to a record 1.3 million immigrants during the next three years, a nationwide survey of 1,000 people conducted by Research Co. revealed that most people think immigration to Canada benefits the country.

According to the February 2022 Research Co. survey, 75 percent of the people living in Canada “believe the hard work and talent of immigrants makes Canada better.”

Why are the majority of Canadians so supportive of immigration to Canada and immigrants?

One explanation is that Canadians are generally friendly toward newcomers, but another reason may be that 22 percent of the people who live in Canada are foreign-born.

Consequently, a large portion of people living in Canada are immigrants or have family and friends who are immigrants.

A third reason is that skilled foreign workers are needed to fill thousands of jobs in Canada, which is why Canadian immigration levels have been raised to record levels.

Thus, about 60 percent of the 431,645 immigrants who will become Canadian permanent residents in 2022, according to the new Three-Year Plan, will be skilled foreign workers and their family members.

If you and your family would like to relocate to a multicultural country that welcomes immigrants and gives them opportunities to build a better future, you should consider immigration to Canada.

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DISCLAIMER: This guide is not and shall not be considered as professional or expert advice.

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