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A recent international survey conducted in countries around the world and involving 17,326 participants has discovered that Canada is considered to have the best quality of life and is the #1 country to live in overall.

For the past six years, the BAV Group, University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, and US News & World Report have surveyed tens of thousands of people around the globe in order to evaluate the perceptions people have about different countries.

The researchers used 76 attributes and then grouped them into the following 10 sub-rankings: Adventure, Agility, Cultural Influence, Entrepreneurship, Heritage, Movers, Open for Business, Power, Quality of Life, and Social Purpose.

Survey participants were asked to indicate how closely they associated various countries with each of the 76 attributes.

When the survey results were examined, the researchers found that Canada was ranked #1 for Quality of Life, receiving a perfect score for this sub-ranking.


Canada is ranked the best country for quality of life.

High Standard of Living in Canada

On the Quality of Life sub-ranking, Canada scored 100.0 and received a score of 100.0 for having a Good Canadian Job Market; 100.0 for being Politically Stable; 99.9 for Economic Stability; 99.0 for Family Friendliness; 97.8 for having a Well-Developed Education System; 96.7 for Safety; 95.9 for having a Well-Developed Public Health System; 61.6 for Income Equality; and 7.7 for Affordability. 

Strong Social Purpose

Canada also received a perfect 100.0 score on the Social Purpose sub-ranking, which included 100.0 for Caring about Human Rights; 100.0 for Racial Equality; 100.0 for Social Justice Commitment; 100.0 for Respecting Property Rights; 99.2 for Religious Freedom; 98.3 for Trustworthiness; 98.0 for Well-Distributed Political Power; 92.8 for Gender Equality; 87.4 for Commitment to Climate Goals; 80.2 for Caring about the Environment; and 79.2 for Caring about Animal Rights.


Canadian Business Climate

Citizens and permanent residents of Canada have the option to start their own business, which is facilitated by the favorable Canadian business climate.

Canada received scores of 83.9 for being Open for Business and 83.9 for Entrepreneurship, with especially high scores given for Lack of Corruption (100.0), Not Being Bureaucratic (97.4), Modernity (97.1), Responsiveness (96.7), Progressiveness (91.8); and having Transparent Government Practices (90.4).

This is great news if you are an aspiring entrepreneur considering Canadian immigration, since this is one of the easiest countries in which to start a new company and to conduct business in.

Canada’s Other Positive Attributes

One of the highest sub-ranking scores given to Canada was for its Agility, which scored 97.2 and included being Modern (97.1), Responsive (96.7), Adaptive (95.6) and Progressive (91.8).

When it comes to Adventure, Canada is highly-rated for Friendliness (85.4), Tourism (78.8) and Scenery (72.7).

In fact, Canada attracts millions of tourists each year and is known for welcoming newcomers (whether they are visitors or immigrants) as well as for having spectacular scenery.

Canada’s highest scores for the Cultural Influence sub-ranking were for being Modern (97.1) and for Happiness (81.0).

According to the United Nations World Happiness Report, people living in Canada are among the happiest of any country.

Canada’s Heritage sub-ranking received its best ratings for having Many Geographic Attractions (76.5) and being Culturally Accessible (63.7).

As the second largest country on Earth, Canada has a variety of geographic features, including the beautiful Canadian Rockies, hundreds of thousands of freshwater lakes, mighty waterfalls (such as Niagara Falls), vast forests – and more!

Canada also has a diverse population and welcomes immigrants from all over the world, plus Canada was the first country to establish an official policy of multiculturalism in 1971.

On the Power sub-ranking, Canada received its highest ratings for having Strong International Alliances (86.1) and being Economically Influential (58.5).

For example, Canada is a member of the G7 organization of the most advanced Western economies and has the 10th largest gross domestic product (GDP) in the world.

In terms of the Movers sub-ranking, Canada was given its best rating for being Dynamic, which along with the high scores on the Agility sub-ranking, suggests that Canadians tend to be open-minded, willing to make positive changes and welcoming to newcomers from different backgrounds.


This large global survey found that Canada is considered to be the #1 best country to live in overall, ahead of Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, the United States, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Netherlands, France, Denmark, Norway, Singapore and other countries.

Canada has also been ranked #1 for the best quality of life for the past several years that this worldwide survey has been conducted.

It is not surprising that a separate international survey performed in 190 countries and involving 209,000 participants discovered that Canada is the most desired relocation destination for expat workers!

If you would like to live and work in a safe, family-friendly country with economic and political stability, racial equality, good job opportunities, and where the education and healthcare systems are well-developed, you should seriously consider immigration to Canada.

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If you meet the eligibility requirements, the authorized immigration consultants who work with Canadian Visa Expert can also guide you during each step of the Canadian immigration process to help make the procedure easier for you to complete correctly.

Would you and your family like to live in the world’s #1 best country for quality of life?


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