Canadian Citizenship

Special ceremonies were recently held across Canada to grant Canadian citizenship to immigrants from several countries.

An immigrant only has to live in Canada as a permanent resident for at least three years during a five year period and meet other eligibility criteria before he or she can apply to become a Canadian citizen.

The Subair Family, which immigrated to Canada from Nigeria in 2018, took the Oath of Allegiance to receive their Canadian citizenship at a ceremony held in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

They had the honor of being the first immigrants to become Canadian citizens at an in-person ceremony since the start of the global pandemic and social distancing.

Family living in Canada carries Canadian flags

Ismail Subair said that he and his wife and their two children decided to move to Canada from the Nigerian city of Lagos, because they wanted to live in a country where they could advance in their careers, plus they wanted better opportunities for their sons.

So, he applied for immigration to Canada as a skilled foreign worker, the family was approved for Canadian permanent residency, and now he works in Canada as an information technology professional.

Ismail stated that it means a lot to become a citizen of Canada and to have a Canadian family.

The Subair Family joined dozens of other permanent residents who received their Canadian citizenship on July 1st (“Canada Day”), which is a national holiday.

Thirty of the new Canadian citizens attended the Halifax ceremony in person and 19 others participated online.


On July 11, 2022, another Canadian citizenship ceremony took place, this time at the annual Calgary Stampede in Alberta.

Twenty-six Canadian permanent residents from nine countries became new citizens of Canada at the popular rodeo.

One of new Canadian citizens was Amas Egbe, who first came to Canada in 2013 as an international student from Nigeria.

According to Amas, all of the people living in Canada were smiling, happy and very helpful, which convinced him that this is where he wanted to live and raise his family.

After receiving his university education in Canada, Amas and his wife, Osauyi, were later able to become Canadian permanent residents.

Their son, Brian, was born while they were living in Canada, so the now three-year-old boy was a Canadian citizen at birth.

Amas and his son were both wearing cowboy hats, since they were at Canada’s most famous rodeo, and the family had the opportunity to meet Canadian Immigration Minister Sean Fraser, who officiated at the event and also wore a cowboy hat for the festive occasion.

A permanent resident of Canada can apply to become a Canadian citizen after living in Canada 3 years.
Welcome to Canada!

After the 26 immigrants raised their hands and took the Oath of Allegiance to become Canadian citizens, Amas said that day is among the best days of his entire life.

Judge Carol-Ann Hart also officiated at the Canadian citizenship ceremony held in Calgary and she declared that diversity is Canada’s strength and that she is confident that the new Canadian citizens would help to make Canada a more vibrant and stronger country in the future.

Canada is one of the most popular immigration destinations, due to its strong economy, employment opportunities, friendly people, universal healthcare, quality education, spectacular scenery, and overall high standard of living.

The current Canadian immigration plan has a goal for 431,645 immigrants to become permanent residents of Canada during 2022 and the country appears to be on schedule to meet that target.

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