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The Canadian government reopened the international borders on June 21, 2021, for new immigrants to move to Canada, as part of the process of ending restrictions on travel imposed in March 2020 to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

People who have been approved for Canadian immigration and also possess a valid Certificate of Permanent Residence (COPR) can now relocate to Canada to begin their new lives in this immigrant-friendly country.

The COPR is issued to immigrants after they are approved for Canadian immigration and the new permanent residents must move to Canada during the 12 months that the COPR is valid.

New immigrants who had received their COPR after being approved for immigration to Canada on or prior to March 18, 2020, were permitted to move to Canada, but new permanent residents who received their COPR after that date had to wait to complete the Canadian immigration procedure until the travel restrictions were lifted.

The Canadian government announced that it would make special arrangements for new immigrants whose COPR had expired while they waited for the borders to reopen.

The majority of people living in Canada have since then received their vaccinations against Covid-19, infection rates have fallen and the economy has quickly bounced back from the disruptions caused by the various lockdowns.

The economy has recovered all of the jobs in Canada that were temporarily lost after the start of the global pandemic and now, there is once again a shortage of workers to fill approximately 900,000 Canadian job openings.

Skilled foreign workers are needed more than ever and the Canadian immigration targets have been increased substantially to 401,000 new permanent residents in 2021 and a record 431,645 new immigrants during 2022.

The borders have reopened for immigration to Canada.

As part of the Canadian government’s careful re-opening process to get back to normal, Americans who were fully vaccinated against Covid-19 were able to travel to Canada starting August 9, 2021.

Additionally, fully-vaccinated travelers (e.g., tourists, business people, etc.) from the rest of the world with a valid Canadian visa or other travel authorization were allowed into the country as of September 7, 2021.

Before foreign nationals travel to Canada, they must enter certain information in the “ArriveCAN” governmental online portal, so officials can confirm that they satisfy the requirements for entry into the country.

As a result of the increased travel to Canada now that the borders have reopened, international flights are allowed to arrive at more Canadian airports.

Canada’s government also announced that it will spend $85 million CAD to improve the processing of Canadian visa applications, which will include hiring around 500 new employees to process the applications, as well as technological enhancements to the system.

Record Level Immigration to Canada

Now that life in Canada is getting back to normal, with consumers  spending money shopping in stores, going to restaurants, buying new vehicles, traveling inside and outside of the country, and making other purchases, the economy is growing rapidly and producing hundreds of thousands of new Canadian jobs.

Employers are finding it challenging to find qualified workers for all of these new Canadian job vacancies, partly because a growing number of workers are retiring.

Thus, workers are needed to replace the the Canadians who are retiring from the labor force, plus qualified employees are being recruited for new jobs in Canada that the economy is creating each month.

In order to fill the approximately 900,000 new jobs in Canada that are being advertised by employers, the Canadian immigration goals for 2022 were raised from a record 411,000 new permanent residents as originally planned to the historic 431,645 immigrants who can relocate to Canada this year.

The majority of people who will be allowed to immigrate to Canada in 2022 will be skilled foreign workers and their families, including:

Each of these Canadian immigration programs for skilled foreign workers and their families has its own eligibility requirements and application procedure.

Canadian Visa Expert subcontracts three authorized immigration consultants who can provide you with an Eligibility Assessment for immigration to Canada.

You can find out which specific Canadian visa program best matches your personal profile and also receive guidance from the authorized immigration consultants during the application process if you qualify.

What are you waiting for? Canada’s borders have reopened, skilled immigrants are in high demand, around 900,000 Canadian jobs are available, and a record 431,645 new permanent residents can move to Canada this year!


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