On April 13, 2021, the results of a worldwide survey of more than 17,000 participants in 78 countries were released and named Canada the overall best place to live in 2021.


In addition to its impressive score of 100% overall, Canada was also rated the #1 country in the world for quality of life and the top country for social purpose.


Canada has been ranked #1 for quality of life and the #2 best country overall for the past several years, but this is the first time Canada has come in first place overall in the annual international survey.


This is the sixth year that US News & World Report, the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, and BAV Group in Boston have polled thousands of people around the globe to find out how they rate different countries, based on 76 attributes which were then categorized into 10 major sub-rankings.


The 10 major sub-rankings of the survey included: Quality of Life, Social Purpose, Open for Business, Entrepreneurship, Power, Cultural Influence, Heritage, Agility, Movers, and Adventure.


Canada scored 100% for the Quality of Life sub-ranking, which included the following country attributes: politically stable, economically stable, good job market, family friendly, safe, public health system that is well-developed, income equality, public education system that is well developed, and affordable.


On the Social Purpose sub-ranking, Canada also received a perfect score, based on these country attributes: cares about human rights, gender equality, committed to social justice, racial equality, cares about animal rights, religious freedom, committed to climate goals, cares about the environment, property rights are respected, political power is distributed well, and is trustworthy.


Canada received a very high score of 97.2% on the Agility sub-ranking, because the country is adaptable, progressive, dynamic, modern, and responsive.


In terms of business climate (Open for Business) and Entrepreneurship, Canada was given high marks, especially for its favorable tax environment, having government practices that are transparent, inexpensive manufacturing costs, lack of bureaucratic “red tape” and corruption, highly-educated population, well-developed infrastructure, being well-connected to the rest of the world, and legal framework that is well-developed.


According to this year’s global survey, the Top 10 Best Countries Overall are: #1 Canada, #2 Japan, #3 Germany, #4 Switzerland, #5 Australia, #6 United States, #7 New Zealand, #8 United Kingdom, #9 Sweden, and #10 Netherlands.


The Top 10 Best Countries for Quality of Life in 2021 include: #1 Canada, #2 Denmark, #3 Sweden, #4 Norway, #5 Switzerland, #6 Australia, #7 Netherlands, #8 Finland, #9 Germany, and #10 New Zealand.


It is worth noting that an even larger international survey of 209,000 individuals in 190 countries conducted in October-December 2020 by the BAV Group found Canada to be the #1 most desirable relocation destination for expat workers in 2021.


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