Canada Visa Requirements

Canada is a nation of immigrants. It is the only Western democracy that is pro-immigrant, for most Canadians see immigration as contributing to the economic growth of the country.


With an aging population, combined with “baby-boomers” beginning to retire, Canada is facing a skilled worker shortage. During the last seven years, Canada has welcomed more immigrants than any other previous government; around a quarter of a million new immigrants each year.


The focus of Canada’s immigration programs is trying to match the high demand of certain skilled professions that cannot be filled by Canadian citizens and residents to potential immigrants who can fill those positions. Canada does not want to bring in people who will be unemployed or underemployed.


Canada is looking for immigrants who can economically integrate into society and take on its values, such as the rule of law, democratic principles, respect for men and women, and freedom of religious expression.


Canada establishes the profession criteria for its immigration programs after extensive consultation with provincial governments, labor unions, industry groups and after considering the general public consensus.


Professions that have a shortage of workers on a national level usually make it in. However, one can still work in Canada based upon other immigration programs via the provincial level immigration programs or an employer who needs a certain profession filled in their workplace, but cannot find a suitable Canadian resident or citizen to fill the position.

Basic Requirements for a Canadian Visa


With a variety of Canadian visas to choose from, our experts will identify which one is the most suitable for you. Since 2006, the Canadian government has made a major overhaul to its immigration programs in order to reduce the extensive backlog and to fast-track the processing time from years in receiving an answer to just months.


It is important to note that the Canada visa requirements are constantly changing and new programs are being introduced. However, the basic requirements for most visas can be summed up into three criteria:

  1. Age – 18 or older;
  2. Work experience – at least 1 year of employment experience in the last 10 years; and
  3. Language – a good level of the English and/or French language.

Since the passing of the Protecting Canada’s Immigration System Act in 2012, a person’s biometric data will be required before being granted a visa for certain immigration programs. Other visas will require fingerprints and a photo to be taken before arriving in Canada.


Canada’s immigration programs include granting visas for skilled and temporary workers, family and employment sponsorship, provincial and territorial, as well as student and asylum.  With all immigration visas to Canada, applicants are required to take a medical examination at a medical centre approved by the Canadian Authorities. One will also need to receive a police certificate from their home country.

Immigration Programs

Canadian Visa Expert specifically deals with the following visa programs (press the links below to view the full requirements):

It is important to note that each year, 61% of Canadian immigrants fit into the category of economic immigrants and their dependants. Economic immigrants include skilled workers, provincial nominees, entrepreneurs, the self-employed, and certain temporary workers and students who wish to stay in Canada after completion of their work placements or studies.


About 26% of Canadian immigrants are classified as family immigrants who include: spouses and partners of people already living in Canada, children, parents and grandparents. Around 13% of the people who immigrate to Canada each year come for humanitarian-related reasons.


With 85% of immigrants eventually becoming Canadian citizens, your dreams of relocating to a country that has a robust economy, affordable healthcare and excellent educational opportunities can come true. It all begins with our professional assessment.

DISCLAIMER: This guide is not and shall not be considered as professional or expert advice.

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