Where Do Most Nigerians Live in Canada?

If you are from Nigeria and thinking about immigrating to Canada, you must be curious to find out where most Nigerians live in Canada.

That way you can safely choose the location close to your community and your integration in Canada will go as smoothly as possible. After all, don’t we all want to feel almost like home in a new country?

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In which city do most Nigerians live in Canada?

The city where most Nigerians live in Canada is Toronto. Toronto is a big melting pot, with nearly half of all Canada’s immigrants living there. Around 60,000 Nigerians live happily in Toronto, attributing to 2.2% of the entire population of Canada’s largest city.

Nigerian communities in Canada

Besides Toronto, Nigerian immigrants have also made their homes in other cities such as Montreal, Calgary, and Vancouver. These communities are very vibrant, celebrate their culture and keeping their traditions intact. Nigerian communities are also strong, supporting for the newcomers from their homeland, keeping their pride and celebrating the success achieved on a foreign soil together.

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Every new Nigerian immigrant usually does research before arriving in Canada, choosing affordable, welcoming, promising cities to settle comfortably in. Of course, moving to the city with Nigerian communities is also a big advantage, since those who already integrated into the Canadian lifestyle are willing to help, give advice and support during the transition from Nigeria to Canada.

Thus, best places could be any city in Canada; it all depends on what you are looking for.

Some prefer the comforts of a major city like Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary or Montreal, while others may be seeking more natural surroundings or a smaller town environment with a strong sense of community. Regardless of which type of location best suits one’s needs, there are locations across Canada that have become popular destinations for Nigerian immigrants.
For those looking for the convenience and entertainment offered by a large city, Toronto is an excellent option. Not only is it the largest city in Canada, but it also has the highest population of Nigerian immigrants living there. The city provides access to excellent job opportunities and world-class cultural events such as the annual Caribana Festival celebrating Caribbean culture, as well as plenty of African restaurants serving up delicious Nigerian cuisine.

Vancouver is another popular destination for Nigerian immigrants thanks to its mild climate, picturesque scenery and diverse job market. A welcoming community awaits those interested in settling down in this beautiful coastal city – and with over 50 different languages spoken within its boundaries, there’s no shortage of cultural exchange opportunities either! With affordable housing prices and easy access to transportation services, Vancouver can be an ideal home for those who want both urban amenities and close proximity to nature.


Choosing the city to settle in Canada is not an easy decision. To help yourself make the smartest decision, first make a list of all the things that are most important to you. Then, filter the ones that you believe are the top priority and non-negotiable. After that, research the city options and see which city best matches your list.


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How is life like for Nigerians living in Canada?

There are many advantages for Nigerians in Canada that are not readily available in their homeland, such as access to a higher quality of education, more and better employment opportunities, top-notch healthcare, and more. The majority of Nigerians living in Canada are educated professionals who contribute greatly to the Canadian economy and integrated successfully into the Canadian community. Nigerians are also generally welcomed by Canadians, who offer them jobs and housing opportunities equal to Canadian citizens.


Which city in Canada has the most Nigerians?

The city in Canada with the highest number of Nigerians is Toronto, in the province of Ontario. 20% of all Nigerians living in Canada reside in Toronto. Toronto has one of the biggest economies in Canada, making it easier to find employment and decent housing for all newcomers from Nigeria.


How does Canada treat Nigerian immigrants?

Canada is a multicultural, tolerant country, welcoming hundreds of thousands of immigrants each year, including new immigrants from Nigeria. Canada offers equal employment opportunities to all new immigrants, a safe living environment, the right to healthcare, housing, education, and so much more.



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