Is It a Good Idea to Relocate to Canada from Nigeria?

Thousands of Nigerians immigrate to Canada every year, making Nigeria one of the top countries of origin for Canadian immigration.

Immigrating to another country can be a bit scary, tough and definitely involves risks.

You will need to re-build your life, make new friends, maybe even make a career change.

So, is it worth it to immigrate to Canada from Nigeria?

Only you can answer this question, depending on what you expect from your relocation to Canada.

Canada certainly has a lot to offer. It’s beautiful, welcoming, safe, prosperous and a great place to live.

In Canada, you can provide your children with all that you might not have had an opportunity to give them in your home country.

It might be an internationally-recognized education, high-standard of living, job opportunities, both social and financial security, freedom and equality, and so much more!

Let’s look at some of the many benefits of moving to Canada separately, so you can consider each one in making your decision about Canadian immigration.

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World-class education system

Canadian education is internationally recognized and considered to be one of most highly esteemed in the world.

The methods used in the education system are designed to facilitate successful communication between the teacher and the student, helping ideas to flow freely, allowing students to gain knowledge in more than one field, so they will be better prepared for the real world and have a well-rounded, broad outlook on matters in their field of studies and outside of it.

In addition, the government invests greatly in technology and the facilities used for Canada’s world-class education programs.

Plenty of job opportunities

Canada has a million job vacancies in various sectors, such as health care and social assistance, information technology, construction, retail, accommodation and food services, among others.

Moreover, employers are struggling to find qualified individuals to fill many of these jobs in Canada and many are offering higher salaries in order to attract new workers.

The most in-demand jobs in Canada include:

  • Electrical Engineer
  • Aerospace Engineer
  • Software Engineer
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Web Developer
  • Veterinarian
  • Recruiter
  • Financial Advisor
  • Pharmacist
  • Welder
  • Industrial Electrician
  • Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanic
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Merchandiser
  • Driver
  • Project Manager
  • Account Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Accountant
  • Registered Nurse (RN)
  • University Professor
  • Information Technology Project Manager
  • Optician

Fast-growing tech sector

When choosing where to live in Canada, you might want to consider Toronto, as it is considered to have the fastest-growing technology sector.

In recent years, the Canadian technology sector has experienced a massive surge in growth, becoming an important force in the global marketplace.

The country’s talented and diverse workforce, cutting-edge research facilities and unique innovation capabilities create a strong appeal for those looking to hold major conventions or conferences.

Additionally, there is an abundance of emerging startups and established companies that are on the cutting edge of technological development in areas such as quantum computing, machine learning and big data.

Access to universal healthcare

For any rational person, health is the number one priority, and when choosing to immigrate to Canada from Nigeria, it is one of the main concerns.

What is the healthcare like in Canada?

Everyone wants to be certain that when falling ill, the best and proper care will be available.

Every Canadian citizen and permanent resident is eligible to receive public health insurance and access quality healthcare services at a minimal cost, or in some cases for free. This unique system of providing healthcare is operated on a universal level across the country and is funded through taxation, which allows Canadians to receive care regardless of their income or financial status.

Vast number of Canadian immigration programs

Since immigration is important for Canada’s continuous economic growth and advancement, the government offers many pathways to become a Canadian permanent resident.

Thus, there are many Canadian immigration programs with two main categories: economic and family-based.

The Economic Class focuses on allowing immigrants with skills and work experience that will contribute to Canada’s economy; this includes business people, investors, entrepreneurs, skilled workers or professionals.

Family Class programs focus on reuniting families by allowing Canadian citizens or permanent residents to sponsor close family members such as spouses, partners, children, parents or grandparents for immigration to Canada.

High Living Standards

Low unemployment rates, high life expectancy, abundance and affordability of goods and services, access to healthcare are all part of high living standards.

As you learned in this article, Canada offers all of this and more!

No wonder that in 2022, U.S. News & World Report ranked Canada the #3 Best Country to live in overall.


It is definitely worth considering immigration to Canada from Nigeria.

Of course, there are other well-developed countries, however, Canadian immigration programs are easier to apply for, if your main goal is indeed immigration.

Furthermore, as a permanent resident of Canada, you can apply to become a Canadian citizen after living in Canada for only 3 out of 5 years and satisfying other criteria (this is one of the shortest residence requirements for citizenship in the world).

If you are ready to start the process, Canadian Visa Expert can provide you with an Eligibility Evaluation performed by one of the authorized immigration consultants it works with.

This is your first step, to learn which Canadian immigration program is the most suitable for you.


Discover Frequently Asked Questions from Our Support

Is it good to leave Nigeria and go to Canada?

Only you can answer this question. Once you understand what Canada can offer you that Nigeria can’t, then you can answer this question.

How to move to Canada from Nigeria?

Moving to Canada from Nigeria can be a challenging and lengthy process. It is important to understand the requirements and all that is required prior to initiating the application process. The first step in relocating to Canada is ensuring you are eligible for immigration, in accordance with Canadian laws and regulations. Then, you simply start the Canadian immigration process and complete one step at a time until you reach your goal.

Is it easy to immigrate to Canada from Nigeria?

It’s not easy to immigrate to any country, however, if you make it your goal, get assessed for the right Canadian visa, comply with all the requirements, have patience and determination, then you are in good shape to move forward with the process. Canada supports emigration from Nigeria of individuals and families that meet the requirements of the programs offered. In fact, many Nigerians who have immigrated to Canada are already helping the economy with their experience and skills and enjoying a high quality of life.


Canadian Visa Expert makes the process easy and affordable!


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