How much is a flight ticket from Nigeria to Canada?

Get the latest information on flight ticket prices from Nigeria to Canada and plan your trip accordingly with our up-to-date cost estimates.

How exciting that you are planning your trip to Canada!

Of course, Canada is not in very close proximity to Nigeria, so your trip must be planned as precisely as possible.

This article will help you choose the airline that best suits you financially, as well as meets your preferred flight time, comfort and urgency of your trip.

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Air France

Air France is a leading French international airline, which offers safe and enjoyable flights to its passengers.

If you choose to fly with Air France, you need to be prepared that your journey might last up to 23 hours, as you will likely need to take a connecting flight from France, where the airplane will make a stop before continuing to Canada.

The cheapest one-way ticket might start at $800, and with the luggage add-ons, seat selection and other flight-related costs, including the amount of connections, the price might reach $1,200.


Egyptair is an international Egyptian airline that has an average rating of 6.9 out of 10 by frequent flyers.

A one-way ticket to Canada will cost you around $700. You will have a connection in Egypt, and the duration of the entire trip will be around 22 hours.

Lufthansa Airways

Lufthansa is an international German airline carrier that makes around 887 flights a day.

The lowest one-way airfare with Lufthansa will cost around $1,100, with a connection in Frankfurt. The duration of the trip will also be around 23 hours, depending on the time between the connecting flights.

Delta Airlines

You can also look at the options of flying with Delta Airlines, which is a global U.S. carrier that offers flights from Nigeria to Canada.

The travel time will be around 24 hours and you might need to make a connection, which is usually in Atlanta.

The cost of a ticket including luggage will be around $700. The price will vary greatly, however, depending on the dates of your flight (some months are more expensive than others).

British Airways

British Airways is the main airline carrier of the United Kingdom, its headquarters is in London, and the airline performs around 290 roundtrip flights a day.

If we look at the closest flight dates, the price for a one-way flight will start at around $1,300, which is the cheapest flight with 2 connections, one in London, and the second one in New York.

The duration of the flight with two connections can reach up to 30 hours.

Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines is an international Turkish carrier, making around 1,000 flights a day.

The cost of one-way airfare is around $750 and the length of travel is around 24 hours, but that again depends on the connecting flight and the time you will need to spend in Turkey, and/or an additional stop on the way to Canada.

KLM Royal Dutch Airline

KLM is the official airline carrier of The Netherlands. You might find a one-way ticket for as low as $930 with a connection in Amsterdam. The travel duration will be around 22.5 hours. This airline is among the most popular airlines to travel from Nigeria to Canada. KLM is one of the oldest operating airlines in the world and provides high-quality service on its flights.

Ethiopian Air

Ethiopian Air is an international airline and the official airline of Ethiopia. It makes around 140 flights a day. The airline is certified as a 4-star airline for the quality of aircraft and onboard product and staff service. The cost of a one-way flight is around $750 per passenger with one connection in Addis-Ababa. So, the time of your journey will equal around 24 hours.

United Airlines

United Airlines is an American major airline, offering flights to almost all world destinations with 4,500 daily flights to more than 300 cities around the world. The flight from Lagos to Toronto will cost around $850 for a one-way ticket. The flight from Lagos, Nigeria to Toronto, Canada, with United Airlines is approximately 14 hours long. The flight usually includes a connecting flight in either London or Amsterdam and may take up to 18 hours, depending on the type of plane used.

How to Find the Cheapest Flight from Nigeria to Canada?

When searching for the best and most affordable ticket for your flight to Canada from Nigeria, it might take you time, but it is definitely a smart thing to do.

What you will need is to do some research online, but this is easy since there are various websites that let you compare the prices by showing you the flight ticket’s prices by airline, the time of departure and arrival, cheapest dates to fly on, and also direct you to the site where you can conveniently book your flight.

Here are several examples of the sites that provide such service:

  1. Kayak
  2. Skyscanner
  3. Expedia
  4. TripAdvisor

Keep in mind that the cost of the flight ticket varies depending on the season and how far in advance you purchase your ticket.

Therefore, you might want to look for the dates that are during the off-season and book your flight far enough in advance, so you can fly for a few hundred dollars less.

What Is the Most Cost-Effective Way to Get from Nigeria Canada?

Without a doubt, the most cost-effective and convenient way of getting to Canada from Nigeria is by air.

If you do your research and plan your trip carefully ahead of time, you will most certainly find tickets with discounted prices and safely make it to Canada.

Flight Time from Nigeria to Canada

The distance between Nigeria and Canada is 8,920 km and the flight time is 16-17 hours, if you are flying non-stop.

If your journey has a connection in an additional city, then the total travel time might take up to 24 hours.

Generally speaking, the long journey from Nigeria to Canada involves multiple legs of travel, with flights transferring at various airports across the globe. If a traveler starts in Lagos, they will likely fly first to a major regional hub such as London Heathrow Airport or Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport where they can then connect onto a direct flight to Canada.

Once in Canada, there are multiple airports travelers may arrive at, depending on their departure point such as Toronto Pearson International Airport or Calgary International Airport.

Choosing the Right Airline from Nigeria to Canada

There is no way to determine the right airline to fly with from Nigeria to Canada.

It absolutely depends on your needs, the price you are willing to pay for the ticket, the amount of stops you are okay with making on the way to Canada, and also the season you are planning to travel.

You can also ask family and friends about different airlines, read reviews on the airlines, and then make an informed decision.


Make sure to get into all the details down to the smallest when reviewing your flight information.

You don’t want to miss an important notice or clause about the flight.

Read carefully the information on connecting flights, as sometimes you might find a very cheap ticket with a very short connection time between the flights, which will not allow you to make it on time to the connecting flight.

Weight Limit

Luggage weight limit varies depending on the airline and the size of the aircraft itself.

You can find this information when searching for your ticket either on the specific airline’s website that you chose to fly with, or in the booking website that is supposed to give you all the information, including the luggage weight allowed.

In-Flight Entertainment

Some, but not all, aircraft have on-seat screens that allow you to monitor the flight, to listen to music, or even watch a movie.

You can also bring your tablet, or iPad with pre-downloaded movies, television series, or any other entertainment that you enjoy the most.

On some aircraft, there is even Wi-Fi onboard, thus, you would be able to have Internet access and have any online entertainment you prefer.

On the booking sites, you might be able to find the information about options for on-flight entertainment, and you also can contact the airline itself to ask them for more information on the topic.


The comfort experienced on an aircraft when traveling from Nigeria to Canada varies, depending on the type of airplane and airline used for the flight.

Generally speaking, most airlines have a good selection of comfortable seating options, from reclining economy seats to business or first-class recliner chairs with plenty of leg room.

Most international flights feature meal and beverage services for passengers as well as in-flight entertainment options such as watching movies and TV shows or listening to music.

Some airlines may also offer special amenities like complimentary blankets, eye masks, pillows, and headphones.

In terms of cabin temperature, most planes are kept at a comfortable setting that is neither too hot nor too cold.

This helps to ensure that all passengers can enjoy a pleasant environment during the flight.

Additionally, many carriers also provide air conditioning to help reduce humidity levels and keep temperatures moderate.


The price of a ticket from Nigeria to Canada will depend on many factors, such as your personal preferences, including economic abilities, the dates of your flight, how far in advance you purchase your ticket, whether you need a one-way ticket or a round-trip ticket, etc.

Usually, the price range for a one-way ticket from Lagos to Toronto is between $600 and $1,300.


Planning to move to Canada from Nigeria is a task that you are capable of tackling with proper planning, in-depth research and patience.

There are many websites that help to ease the search for the flight tickets by giving you comparisons in one place, without the need of visiting each airline’s website.

However, sometimes the direct purchase from the airline can be the safest choice.

Of course, before you schedule your flight to Canada from Nigeria, you need to be approved to enter the country legally, such as by receiving a Canadian visa.

How can you know which Canadian visa is right for you?

Since 2012, Canadian Visa Expert has been working with authorized immigration consultants who can provide you with an Eligibility Evaluation and guide you through the application process if you qualify.


Discover Frequently Asked Questions from Our Support

Is there a direct flight from Nigeria to Canada?

Yes, there are direct flights to Canada from Nigeria. The flight time is usually around 15-16 hours. The following airlines offer direct flights: Emirates Airlines (from Lagos), Turkish Airlines (from Lagos) and Air France (from Abuja).

How long is a flight from Nigeria to Toronto?

Direct flights to Canada from Nigeria are around 15-16 hours. Most flights, however, have at least one connection and the total travel time might last up to 24 hours.

How much is a one-way ticket from Nigeria to Ontario Canada?

The price will depend on the airline, the season you plan to fly, and how far in advance you purchase your ticket, thus, it is worth your time to do your research. Most of the economy tickets that offer one-way airfare cost around $500-$900.

What is the cheapest month to fly to Canada?

The cheapest month to fly to Canada is typically October, as the prices of airline tickets drop significantly during this time. Since October falls outside of peak season, airfares usually decrease, making it the most economical option for travelers who are looking to save money on their travel plans.

How many hours does it take to fly from Nigeria to Canada?

Depending on the exact route and number of stops, it can take at least 15 hours to fly from Nigeria to Canada and could be as much as 24 hours.


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