How Long Does It Take for a Canada Visa to Be Approved in Nigeria?

One of the best places in the world to settle down in is Canada. It is a country of opportunities and its borders are open to all.

Canada is the second biggest country with one of the highest percentages of immigrants (23 percent of the population). There are approximately 400,000 immigrants accepted for Canadian permanent residency every year and thousands of others travel to Canada on trips of shorter duration with a Visitor Visa.

Aside from the job opportunities and the high quality of life the country offers, Canada is known to have a stable government system. The health benefits and educational programs the country offers to its citizens and permanent residents are incomparable to the public services in many other countries. Of course, Canada is a beautiful country, with beaches, mountains, forests, lakes and other scenic areas.

If you and your family are thinking about applying for immigration to Canada from Nigeria, you may be wondering: How long the process takes? This article will provide you with the answer to that question and help you to better understand the process to receive a Canada visa in Nigeria.

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How long it takes for a Canada visa to be approved in Nigeria depends on the kind of visa.

Processing a Canadian visa application can be a lengthy process and the amount of time required can vary, depending on the circumstances.

In general, the processing time will often depend on:

  • the type of Canadian visa an individual is applying for
  • how long it takes the applicant to complete the required steps
  • how busy the Canadian immigration agency is with processing applications

One of the most common types of visa for entering Canada is the Temporary Residence Visa. This is also known as the Canadian Visitor Visa. If your purpose in coming to Canada is tourism, studying abroad, a family visit, or for business purposes, the easiest way to enter the country is by having this type of Canadian visa.

In addition to receiving a Temporary Residence Visa to Canada, international students will need a Study Permit, while temporary foreign workers will require a Work Permit.

The processing time for a Visitor Visa to Canada in Nigeria is about 6-12 months.

How long does the process for a Canada Express Entry Visa take in Nigeria?

How long the process for a Canada visa takes in Nigeria depends on the type of visa being applied for, the qualifications of the applicant, and the duration of the stay requested (for example, temporary or permanent residence).

For a Canada Express Entry Visa, it generally takes about 8-18 months in total for the process which involves filing an online Express Entry profile, receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA) and filing the Canadian Permanent Residency Application. A decision about Canadian immigration is usually made within six months after a complete Canadian Permanent Residency Application has been filed using the Express Entry system.

How long does a Canada Student Visa take in Nigeria?

On average, it may take nine weeks to receive a decision regarding an application for a Study Permit to Canada. Before you can apply for a Canadian Study Permit in Nigeria, you must first receive a letter of acceptance from a designated learning institution in Canada. It is common for Nigerians who are approved for a Canadian Study Permit to automatically receive a Temporary Resident Visa to Canada as well, since both are required for international students from Nigeria to live and study in Canada.

How long does the process to get a Canadian Visitor Visa take in Nigeria?

The processing time for a Visitor Visa to Canada in Nigeria is about 6-12 months.

How long does a Canadian Work Permit take in Nigeria?

Canada, now more than ever, has its borders wide open to the world. They are looking for thousands of skilled foreign workers in all fields—from medical staff to information technology professionals to construction workers and occupations in other business sectors. It generally takes about 37 weeks (9.25 months) to receive a decision regarding an application for a Canadian Work Permit in Nigeria. Having a Work Permit allows you to apply for a job in Canada with the same salary level as a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. If you legally work in Canada for at least one year full-time during a three-year period in an eligible skilled occupation (TEER Category 0, 1, 2 or 3 jobs), you may have the opportunity to apply for permanent residency in Canada through the Canadian Experience Class Program using the Express Entry system!


If visiting Canada is one of your life-long dreams, now is the best time to start processing the application for your Canadian visa in Nigeria.

Canada has re-opened its borders after the pandemic, and they are in need of workers in all types of industries.

In fact, there are around one million Canadian job openings and the unemployment rate is the lowest in decades.

It is better to start processing your visa early, because it can be a lengthy process.

Before you apply for a Canadian visa in Nigeria, you need to know which of the many visa programs you are eligible to apply for and which visa will best meets your needs.

Since 2012, Canadian Visa Expert has been working with authorized immigration consultants who can provide you with an Eligibility Evaluation and guide you through the application process if you qualify.

If your goal is to immigrate to Canada from Nigeria with your family as permanent residents, the authorized immigration consultants who work with Canadian Visa Expert can help to make the process easier for you to complete correctly and answer any questions you may have about the process.


Discover Frequently Asked Questions from Our Support

How will I know whether my Canada visa application has been approved?

When you apply for a Canada visa in Nigeria, you can create an online account on the Canadian immigration agency’s website, which you can login to and check for status updates regarding your visa application.

How long does it take to get a Canadian visa from Nigeria?

The amount of time needed to get a Canada visa in Nigeria will depend on which type of Canadian visa you apply for, how long it takes you to complete the required tasks and how long it takes the Canadian immigration agency to process your application. In general, the processing time for a Visitor Visa to Canada in Nigeria is about 6-12 months, while an application for Canadian permanent residency using the Express Entry system takes around 8-18 months.

Why is the Canada visa process slow?

You may think that the process to receive a Canada visa in Nigeria is slow, but try to compare it to securing visas for other countries, such as the United States. You’ll see then that processing a visa for Canada in Nigeria is way easier and faster. It’s normal that visa processing may take a few months or several months to complete, because the Canadian immigration agency has millions of visa applications to process (Canada is a popular destination!) and has to do a background check on each individual trying to enter the country. So, patience and commitment are important, but well worth it.


Canadian Visa Expert makes the process easy and affordable!


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