The Cost of Relocating to Canada From Nigeria

Thousands of Nigerians immigrate to Canada every year, making Nigeria one of the top countries of origin for Canadian immigration.

If you are thinking to immigrate to Canada from Nigeria, it is legitimate to think of the costs before starting the relocation process.

The costs to immigrate to Canada from Nigeria will depend on which Canadian immigration program you apply for, the size of your family, where you will live in Canada and other variables.

Most people who immigrate to Canada from Nigeria are skilled foreign workers and their family members, so below you will find information about the costs of applying for Express Entry to Canada.

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Canadian Immigration Costs

When you immigrate to Canada from Nigeria, you will generally pay governmental fees and non-governmental expenses at different points of the process.

In total, with governmental and non-governmental costs combined, you could expect to pay several thousand Canadian Dollars (CAD) for the entire process to immigrate to Canada from Nigeria.

Keep in mind that these costs will be paid at different steps of the procedure (not all at once).

Governmental Fees

There is no governmental fee to file your online Express Entry profile.

If you receive an Invitation to Apply, then you will have up to 60 days to file your application for immigration to Canada from Nigeria along with the required documents and governmental fees.

You and your spouse/partner will each need to pay the Canadian Permanent Residency Application Fee of $850 CAD, which is about 284,474 Nigerian Nairas (NGN), and the Right of Permanent Residence Fee of $515 CAD (around 172,357 NGN).

If you have dependent children, you will need to pay the Dependent Child Fee of $230 CAD (about 76,978 NGN) for each child.

The Biometrics Fee is $85 CAD (around 28,449 NGN) for one person or $170 CAD (about 56,897 NGN) for a family of two or more people.

The governmental fee for the plastic Canadian Permanent Resident Card, which you will carry as identification while living in Canada, is only $50 CAD (around 16,734 NGN) per person.

Non-Governmental Expenses

There are a variety of non-governmental expenses that you will pay at different points in the Canadian immigration process.

Some of the common non-governmental expenses that skilled foreign workers pay when they immigrate to Canada from Nigeria may include costs for the:

  • English or French language evaluation exam
  • Educational Credential Assessment (ECA)
  • Medical exam for each family member
  • Police certificates for family members 18 years of age or older
  • Translation of required documents into English or French (if necessary)
  • Transportation when you immigrate to Canada from Nigeria (i.e., airfare)
  • Living expenses after you arrive in Canada such as:
  • Housing
  • Utilities
  • Food
  • Transportation
  • Phone/Internet
  • Clothing

According to the Canadian immigration agency, the minimum amount of funds that you will need while living in Canada are:

  • 1 Person = $13,310 (4,454,578 NGN)
  • 2 People = $16,570 (5,546,013 NGN)
  • 3 People = $20,371 (6,818,215 NGN)
  • 4 People = $24,733 (8,278,186 NGN)
  • 5 People = $28,052 (9,389,062 NGN)
  • 6 People = $31,638 (10,589,304 NGN)
  • 7 People = $35,224 (11,789,546 NGN)

Remember that these are the minimum amounts needed to live in Canada and you and your family might require more money, depending on where you live, your needs and preferences, etc.

Please note that the exchange rate was as of January 8, 2023, and the amounts are subject to change.


Immigration to Canada from Nigeria is not cheap, but it is doable, as indicated by the thousands of Nigerians immigrating to Canada every year.

Canada has become a top immigration destination, especially for the Nigerian middle class, who are seeking opportunities for employment, business, education, safety, quality of life, and a better future for their children.

The first step of the process is to learn which Canadian immigration program you are eligible to apply for.

Since 2012, Canadian Visa Expert has been working with authorized immigration consultants who can provide you with an Eligibility Evaluation and also guide you through each step of the application process if you qualify.



Discover Frequently Asked Questions from Our Support

How much does it cost to legally immigrate to Canada?

Around $15,000 CAD (about 5,020,671 Nigerian Nairas) will be needed in order to complete the immigration process for a single applicant. This amount includes visa application fees, the documentation involved, and the proof of funds.

How much of a bank balance is required to immigrate to Canada?

One person will need to show at least $13,310 CAD (about 4,455,009 NGN) for Proof of Funds.

How much is the Canadian visa application fee?

The Canadian Permanent Residency Application Fee is $850 CAD (about 284,474 Nigerian Nairas) and the Right of Permanent Residence Fee is $515 CAD (around 172,357 NGN). Please note that other governmental fees apply.


Canadian Visa Expert makes the process easy and affordable!


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