Canada is the #1 most-accepting country in the world for immigrants, according to the results of a Gallup international survey conducted during 2019 in 145 countries, which was released on September 23, 2020. Gallup’s Migrant Acceptance Index measures an individual’s “acceptance” of immigrants by asking them if they think it is good or bad if (1) immigrants live in their country, (2) immigrants live in their neighborhood, and (3) an immigrant would marry into their family. The highest score possible on the Migrant Acceptance Index is nine if a survey participant responds “good” to all three questions, while the lowest possible score is zero if they answer “bad” in response to all three questions. The higher a country’s overall score on the Migrant Acceptance Index, the greater the acceptance level of its population toward immigrants.

The Gallup survey results revealed that the overwhelming majority of people living in Canada have a positive perception of immigrants. When asked whether they thought immigrants were good or bad for their country, 94% of Canadian respondents indicated that they think it is good that immigrants are living in Canada. A slightly higher percentage of Canadian survey participants (95 percent) said it was good that immigrants live in their neighborhood. In regards to an immigrant marrying into their family, a clear majority (91 percent) of Canadians who were surveyed by Gallup said that would be a good thing.

Canada’s overall score on Gallup’s 2019 Migrant Acceptance Index was 8.46 out of 9 points possible, which was the highest acceptance score of any of the 145 countries in the global survey. By comparison, the scores for the other top 10 countries rated as the most accepting of immigrants were as follows: #2 Iceland (8.41), #3 New Zealand (8.32), #4 Australia (8.28), #5 Sierra Leone (8.14), #6 United States (7.95), #7 Burkina Faso (7.93), #8 Sweden (7.92), #9 Chad (7.91), and #10 Ireland (7.88).

Canadians have been consistent over time in maintaining positive attitudes toward immigrants. The 2019 and 2016 Gallup surveys, as well as other polls conducted over the past several decades, have shown strong support for immigrants by people living in Canada, which has a good reputation as the most immigrant-friendly country in the world and the best country for high-quality of life. Canada is a multicultural country where immigrants account for 22% of the population, which means most Canadians have family members, friends, work associates, or neighbors who are immigrants and/or they have regular contact with immigrants.

The Canadian government has maintained an official policy promoting multiculturalism since 1971 which has been expanded upon since then. Canadians also have a Multiculturalism Day celebration held on June 27th each year for residents of all backgrounds to celebrate their diversity. Furthermore, the Canadian government has been trying to attract skilled foreign workers and their families from around the globe to relocate to Canada and has created several Canadian immigration programs for them. Thus, while many countries have become less accepting of immigrants and have been closing their doors to newcomers, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his government have opened the doors even wider for immigrants to live and work in Canada.

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