Canadian Job Bank

The Canadian government’s Job Bank is an online platform that makes it easy to search for jobs in Canada by occupation, location, salary, date posted, etc.

You can also read about the salaries, education needed, skills required, career prospects and other useful information about various jobs in Canada on this government website.

For example, the Job Bank website is reporting in May 2022 that Canada’s national unemployment rate is a very low 5.2 percent, the average income of people working in Canada has increased to $1,161.49 per week, and there are currently 912,580 Canadian jobs available across the country.

As of May 2022, there were over 105,000 Canadian job openings posted on Canada’s Job Bank.

Furthermore, Job Bank is available in English or French and it is FREE for anyone to use!

If you are a skilled foreign worker or international student who is living in Canada or who is applying for Canadian immigration, the Job Bank website is an excellent resource for you to explore.

Job Bank makes it easy to find Canadian employment.

To search for Canadian employment or related information on Job Bank, simply go to:

If you want to read the website in French, you can change the language in the upper right section of the Job Bank website.

The first tab on the upper left side of the Job Bank website is Job Search, where you can click on Find a Job, Search, Mobile App, Alerts, Match, Resume Building, Browse Jobs, Job Search Advice, and Equity and Inclusion for Job Seekers.

If you click on Find a Job, you can search for a specific occupation in a particular location (for example, a Canadian province or territory or a city in Canada), plus you can prioritized your search by Best Match, Date Posted, or Last 30 Days.

You can also click on the Browse option and several popular Canadian job search categories will appear along with how many job openings are posted on the Job Bank website.


On the Browse Jobs webpage, you also have the option to search for Canadian employment in a specific province or territory in Canada.

As of May 2022, the Job Bank has 14,132 Canadian job postings in Alberta; 22,550 in British Columbia; 2,359 in Manitoba; 1,741 in New Brunswick; 1,169 in Newfoundland and Labrador; 108 in Northwest Territories; 2,118 in Nova Scotia; 36 in Nunavut; 22,508 in Ontario; 467 on Prince Edward Island; 32,088 in Quebec; 5,401 in Saskatchewan; and 197 in Yukon.

Although the more than 100,000 Canadian jobs posted on Job Bank is substantial, keep in mind that this is only about one-ninth of all of the jobs in Canada that are currently available to job-seekers (912,580).

You will see approximately 7,851 jobs in Canada are posted on Job Bank for management occupations; 15,077 for business, finance and administrative occupations; 5,792 for natural and applied sciences occupations; 4,048 for health occupations; 6,354 for education, law, social, community or government occupations; 36,887 for sales and service occupations; 20,607 for trades, transport, equipment operators and related occupations; 2,359 for natural resources, agriculture and related production occupations; and 4,372 jobs in Canada posted for manufacturing and utilities occupations.

You can find thousands of Canadian job postings on the Job Bank website.

Under the Career Planning tab at the top of the Job Bank website, you can learn more about Fields of Study, Canadian Job Profiles and view a Skills Checklist.

The Trend Analysis tab will let you Explore the Canadian Job Market and read about various Occupations, Wages, Prospects, News and Reports.

It should be noted that if you register with Job Bank, you can provide your details so that employers in Canada can view your profile and possibly contact you. 

Job Bank is only one of many ways for you to seek Canadian employment.

Of course, you must be allowed to live and work in Canada legally.

Since 2012, Canadian Visa Expert has been working with authorized immigration consultants who can provide you with an Eligibility Evaluation and guide you throughout the application process if you qualify.


DISCLAIMER: This guide is not and shall not be considered as professional or expert advice.


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