A recent analysis of online searches for information about relocation to other countries shows that Canada is the world’s #1 most desired “dream destination” for relocation.

Google search data indicates that relocation to Canada is at the top of the immigration “wish list” for people living in 30 countries, including Nigeria, the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Ghana, Mexico, India, Pakistan, Jamaica, Ireland, South Africa, Madagascar, Tunisia, Kenya, and Tanzania.

According to the data analysis, the top 10 “dream destinations” for relocation are: #1 Canada, #2 Japan, #3 Spain, #4 Germany, #5 Qatar, #6 Australia, #7 Switzerland, #8 Portugal, while the United States and United Kingdom were tied for 9th place.

Immigration to Canada was searched for the most in 30 countries; people in 13 countries were mainly interested in Japan; Spain was the top choice in 12 countries; Germany was the most popular destination in 8 countries; individuals in 6 countries selected Qatar; relocation to Australia was the preference in 5 countries; Switzerland is where people in 4 countries would most want to relocate to; Portugal was the clear pick in 3 countries; the majority of relocation searches in 2 countries were for the United States; and the United Kingdom was the dream destination for persons in 2 countries.


The global financial services company that examined the Google search data in 100 countries produced worldwide and regional maps showing which relocation destinations were most desired in different countries.

As the maps suggest, Canadian relocation is the overwhelming choice for people around the world who are searching for better opportunities in life.

Some of the reasons given for why people in so many countries want to move to Canada include the friendliness of the Canadian people; the good-paying jobs in Canada that are available to foreign workers; there are many Canadian immigration options; and it is a beautiful country.

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