Canadian Job Opportunities

There are thousands of Canadian employment opportunities available to skilled immigrants living in Canada.

This is generally true, but especially now that Canada’s national unemployment rate has fallen to only 5.5 percent, which is lower than the 5.7 percent rate recorded in February 2020 before the start of the global pandemic.

In February 2022 alone, workers were hired to fill 336,600 jobs in Canada in different business sectors, such as information technology, construction, healthcare and engineering.

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Canadian employment generally pays well for immigrants living in Canada.

For example, Statistics Canada reports that the median salary for a female immigrant working in Canada during 2019 was $44,900 CAD per year, but a male immigrant earned $62,300 CAD annually for Canadian employment.

With approximately one million Canadian job openings and a shortage of qualified workers available, employers in Canada have been offering higher wages and more benefits to attract and keep employees.

If you want to work in Canada, you may be asking yourself where you can find good Canadian job openings to apply for.

Fortunately, seeking Canadian employment has never been easier!

Best Places to Work in Canada recently published its list of the 300 best places to work in Canada for 2022, which is based on a large survey of over 10,000 individuals who are working in Canada at firms that employ at least 500 workers.

The survey participants were asked to indicate how likely they are to recommend their current employer to friends and family as a good place to work in Canada, plus they were asked to recommend other Canadian employers as well.

According to the Forbes survey, the 300 best places to work in Canada this year include: Hydro-Quebec; Microsoft; University of Victoria; Sheridan College; Health Canada; McMaster University; British Columbia Institute of Technology; Queen’s University; Providence Health Care; Abbott Laboratories; Laval University; Cisco Systems; Google; Coca-Cola Bottling Limited; Apple; Western Health; Ericsson; BC Hydro; University of Manitoba; University of British Columbia; University of Toronto; Shopify; National Bank of Canada; FedEx; Ottawa Hospital; Ford Motor; CBC/Radio Canada; Boeing; Oracle; Bank of Canada; IBM; AMD Canada; Canadian Red Cross; General Motors; TD Bank Group: BMW Group; Samsung Group; Ubisoft; Pratt & Whitney; TELUS; General Electric; Johnson & Johnson; Unilever; Scotiabank; American Express; Pfizer; KPMG Canada; Siemens; Deloitte; and the Royal Bank of Canada.

There are thousands of great places to work in Canada.

A different rating conducted by Mediacorp Canada Inc. evaluated Canadian employers according to their physical workplace; social and work environment; employee training and skills development; health, financial and family benefits; involvement in the local community; time off from work and vacations; communication with workers; and performance management.

The 100 best employers in Canada for 2022, according to Mediacorp Canada Inc., include: 3M Canada Company; Adobe Systems Canada; Bank of Canada; BASF Canada Inc.; Bell Canada; Cisco Systems Canada; Citi Canada; Export Development Canada; Fidelity Canada; GlaxoSmithKline Inc.; KPMG LLP; L’Oreal Canada Inc.; Medtronic Canada ULC; Oppenheimer Group; PCL Construction; PepsiCo Canada; Pfizer Canada; Proctor & Gamble Inc.; Rogers Communications Inc.; Royal Bank of Canada (RBC); Salesforce; Samsung Electronics Canada Inc.; SAP Canada Inc.; Shopify Inc.; Simon Fraser University; Toyota Motor Manufacturing Inc.; University of Montreal; University of Toronto; and Vancouver Coastal Health.

When you compare these limited examples from the two lists, it becomes apparent that several employers were selected as the best places to work in Canada using two separate rating methods.

Besides the 400 Canadian job opportunities found in the two rankings referenced above, you can also learn more about working in Canada in your occupation, find out how much your occupation pays in different locations, and search for Canadian employment in specific provinces or cities using the Government of Canada’s Job Bank website.

So, now you have three separate sources of information that you can explore further about hundreds of Canadian employment options that are available to skilled immigrants living in Canada.

The next question to consider is: How can you legally live and work in Canada as a skilled immigrant?

Thousands of skilled immigrants travel to Canada each year as new Canadian permanent residents.

Canadian Immigration

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